Kerbside recycling

For the latest information about what can be recycled at the kerbside in the Winchester district click here. The Winchester City website also contains information about recycling banks and household waste recycling centres.


Bottles and jars can be taken to local recycling points - find your nearest ones here. Heatproof and window glass melt at a different temp to jars/bottles. Put broken wine glasses/crockery or other glass carefully with your rubbish. 

Food Waste

Compost your food waste – visit our food tips to find out how.

Charity Shops

Donating to charity shops is a great way to clear out and help someone else at the same time. Donating to to a charity such as Oxfam or Save the Children Fund will help the world's poorest people who are most likely to be affected by climate change, or you may have your own favourite charity to support. Not all charities accept all types of goods, so it's best to check before you donate. Bear in mind that charity shops have to pay to throw away they can't sell or recycle, so don't just dump your rubbish on them!

Most charity shops welcome clothing in good condition, books, cds and bric a brac buit some items are harder to find a good home for than others.

Emmaus Hampshire is a social enterprise operated by formerly homeless men and women. They will accept large items such as furniture and garden tools, and also run a collection service.

British Heart Foundation will also collect furniture and electrical goods.

Oxfam accepts clothes which are sold in their shops if they are in good condition, but also has an excellent in house recycling scheme for unsold clothing and textiles. Items that are not saleable in a particular shop may be passed on to other Oxfam specialist shops (Bridal, Vintage, pop up shops at Music festivals - jumpers, blankets and winter coats sell well in the summer at Glastonbury!), or sent to Senegal where Oxfam has set up an ethical business to sell second hand clothing which provides local employment particularly for women (any profits are ploughed back into local Oxfam projects). Even items that are damaged may be reused, so they welcome all textiles, even if not obviously wearable. (But please make sure they are clean!) Anything really worn will be recycled as mattress filler or similar.