BREATHE stands for better air, transport, health and environment.

We want to reduce air pollution to safer levels.  Cutting our greenhouse gas emissions and using more renewable energy instead of fossil fuels will give us cleaner air.

People will tread more lightly on the planet if we can change the world we live in – the infrastructure which affects how we live our lives. 

Put simply, people can’t drive less and catch the bus to work when there’s no bus. They are less likely to walk to the shops if the route isn’t attractive.

BREATHE will make it easier to live a lower carbon life. 

What can you do to Back BREATHE

  • Put the “We back BREATHE” poster in your window - download it landscape or portrait 
  • Or customise it for your street or group such as Joggers back BREATHE,  Cyclists back BREATHE, our school backs BREATHE
  • Like the BREATHE Facebook page and repost BREATHE posts
  • Follow BREATHE_Win on Twitter and retweet BREATHE tweets
  • Sign up for email notifications of BREATHE actions - email
  • Create your own BREATHE action - share ideas in the Back BREATHE Facebook group
  • Ask about BREATHE priorities when someone knocks on your door to ask you to vote for them in the  general election on 8 June.

How you can use BREATHE