Winchester 2020 aims to influence the creation of a low carbon / sustainable Winchester city with high quality urban design. It brings together local people with relevant expertise to help the City Council and to make a positive contribution to the dialogue about how change will take place.

Winchester 2020 was established jointly by Winchester Action on Climate Change (WinACC) and City of Winchester Trust (CWT) following’24 Hours to Save’ event in March 2010.

What has Winchester 2020 done?

Winchester 2020 tries both to influence big ideas, and to assist their implementation.

Since 2010 it has contributed its vision for the city, and principles to be considered in all developments. It comments on major schemes and plans. It argues for an overall plan for Winchester and local detailed area plans/frameworks, highlighting areas that could be improved by a holistic area-based approach. It organised the Winchester: Thinking Ahead conference in July 2016 which highlighted the need for an overall vision and plan, area plans and a movement strategy.

Membership and terms of reference

Organisations that share the aim are eligible to be full partners. Winchester 2020 also seek loose coalitions on a case by case basis with any organisation with overlapping concerns.

As an informal partnership, Winchester 2020 does not require detailed terms of reference. The agreement is that:

  • The partner organisations have an equal voice and equal numbers of participants in the Steering Group
  • The partner organisations speak together or separately, as tactical and depending on whether we have the same position

Current priorities

1.      Movement and Access Plan for Winchester town

2.      Winchester Station Approach

3.      A Framework or spatial strategy (under whatever name) for the whole of Winchester town

4.      Winchester Central Area Regeneration / Supplementary Planning Document